Welcome to Starjar. We provide business software which will help you run your business.

Starjar is a whole company software solution which handles everything from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) along with several other useful modules which make running a small business fun.

To ensure smooth operation of your business you need to juggle your sales order pipe line, order fulfilment, invoice posting, payment collection, inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, employees time sheets and expense claims, monitor CO2 emissions and make a profit!

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Keeping on top of your sales orders is priority number 1. From an initial quotation through to a sales order fulfilment Starjar helps each step of the way. Tracking supply and demand of products and parts. automatically.

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Consistent and reliable manufacturing relies on being repeatable and well documented. Using Starjar's Bill of Materials and Controlled Document features means work orders have the correct information automatically.

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Running a company involves lots of paper. An order from a customer to expense claim receipts. Starjar allows you to store and link these documents to the relevant business item. There is no point filing it away in an old fashion filing cabinet, that's no use to the road warrior who wants to check the original proposal from his hotel room on a Sunday night.

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